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Toshiba Digital Signage

Toshiba Ellumina Digital SignageThe digital display market is rapidly evolving and DBS is ready to help you navigate through it from start to finish. With different levels of customization, we offer everything from content management to design and implementation of Toshiba's Ellumina Series of digital signage to create a more interactive and engaging experience for your customers and your business.

See how the San Diego Charges use Toshiba's Ellumina Digital Signage to enhance their VIP experience:

Ellumina Interactive

Toshiba's Ellumina Interactive solutions deliver engaging and interactive customer experiences via the power of touch. Completely unique, these interactive solutions present content in a compelling environment to promote your products and services or provide appealing self service experiences via touch display. Their exceptional functionality takes users from passive to active, allowing them to explore, expand and mark-up content, watch videos, play games, access information and more. Toshiba's offerings include horizontal solutions to industry specific applications all custom designed to meet your branding and business objectives.


Perfect for one-to-one or one-to-few interactions, Virtuoso allows you to inform, educate, entertain or influence in a meaningful way. Virtuoso's state- of-the-art touch-screen technology brings new life to content and deepens user interaction by allowing them to explore content in a unique fashion.

Ellumina OmniChannel

Toshiba's Ellumina OmniChannel solutions provide everything your company needs to implement a digital signage network. Our team understands the essentials of digital signage including hardware, software and content. We collaborate with you to identify business objectives and then plan and design a custom solution. Recommendations are made on displays, mounts, optimal locations, electrical and IT needs, security considerations, building management approval, and more. Communication experts develop necessary content, schedule programming and maintain and update content to ensure goals are met. The end result is a seamless experience that delivers an affordable and dependable digital signage solution.

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