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Electronic Forms Solutions | DBS

Electronic forms are customizable forms that you print when needed. Not only will you find it easier and less expensive to produce your routine forms, you will also be able to increase your marketing in ways you haven't considered before.

You'll have incredible flexibility in customizing your forms to convey your current marketing messages.

The benefits of electronic forms over pre-printed forms are tremendous:

  • Electronic forms have the ability improve internal and external business communication with vendors and customers while reducing manual data input and human error
  • Electronic forms allow simple communication updates whenever data changes

Pre-printed Forms

Using pre-printed forms can cost a lot of money. In some cases, the pre-printed form can cost as much as 15 cents per part. This means a three-part form can cost as much as 45 cents.

By printing your form and variable form content at the same time on your low cost multifunction device, your business can significantly reduce its costs in producing invoices, statements, delivery documents and other forms your system creates for you.

Invoice Marketing

The returning customer is the easiest person to sell to. You can include a special, ad, or call-to-action that every customer can see or only target certain types of customers.

One-on-One Marketing

Using variable data devices and technology and your multifunction system, you can create compelling marketing materials that are highly personalized for your customers' individual buying habits.

Direct Output to Multiple Locations

Your data needs to be available across multiple locations. Some of your customers may want their invoices mailed, faxed or emailed. You may have a need to print a copy for yourself at the same time. Perhaps you have an electronic document management system where you store an image of all your documentation. With our technology, you can have a copy of the document distributed automatically to the location of your choice.

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