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Mortgage Workflow & E-Forms

How Mortgage Workflow Automation & Electronic Forms Gets You Quicker to Cash

Mortgage Workflow Automation & Electronic FormsThe mortgage industry remains mired in paper, manual and error-prone workflows, and difficulty in finding documents following closing.

However, e-forms, digital signatures, workflow automation, and document management software have been around for years. Why are so few mortgage lenders using this technology? Fears of cost, complexity and change itself are the usual suspects.

We understand these fears. Early versions of all this technology was expensive, complicated and created headaches upon implementation. However, this technology has come a long way and Square 9 Softworks is an emerging content management solution that helps mortgage originators get quicker to cash.

Workflow Automation

Mortgage origination is a process that can be standardized and streamlined with workflow automation and document management software, such as SmartSearch from Square 9.

SmartSearch ensures:

  • Every step in the mortgage origination process is followed, every time
  • All documents are captured and automated alerts sent out if something is missing
  • All documents are automatically routed to the right loan officer for processing
  • Borrowers and agents are alerted if something needs to be corrected
  • Documents and data can be exported, converted to PDF and emailed
  • Documents can be instantly found later from any device by agents, loan officers or regulatory agencies


You can get rid of the paper entirely, and all the risk associated with it, by using Square 9 SmartSearch's GlobalForms module. Mortgage documentation can now be filled out on an iPad with signatures captured electronically via DocuSign.

Digital signatures are now legally binding because of the ESIGN Act, passed in 2000. SmartSearch also provides an audit trail of every action and every note for each file so your mortgage agents can dispense with their giant stack of papers and still have proof of transactions.

This is the emerging best practice and an increasing number of mortgage originators offer the "digital mortgage," including Guaranteed Rate – the 8th largest mortgage lender in the country. Their slogan:"The Old Way, Blown Away."


Whatever combination of technology makes sense for you, our content management experts will integrate it with your loan origination software so that mortgage documents can be viewed within your current software.

Complimentary Consultation

It all starts with a conversation to understand your current process and how this technology can be applied to alleviate issues and get you quicker to cash. It's both easier and more cost-effective than you think and can result in a competitive advantage for your company if you act soon.

Contact us to learn more about mortgage workflow automation and e-forms today

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